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Halloween 2020

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NEED MORE SHIRTS AND CARVING KITS... Check out our Halloween booster kit. 

The Halloween Party Box is a perfect treat for a family night or hosting a gathering with ghosts and ghouls. This box includes the following:

(1) T-shirt: A Bunch of Hocus Pocus 

(1) Pumpkin Masters Kids Carving Kit: 8 Eye Inserts, 1 Safety Saw, 1 Scraper Scoop, 1 Crayon, 4 Patterns (Ghostie, Batty, Goofball, Uni-corny)

(8) Dinner Plates

(16) Dinner Napkins

(8) Dessert Plates

(8) Paper Cups: Fresh Lime

(12) Spoons, Knives and Forks

(16) Beverage Napkins

(1) Activity Table Cover

(1) Hanging Bouquet: 3 Honeycomb Decorations (Black Cat, Candy Corn, and Spider) and 2 Paper Lanterns

(1) Halloween Magic Scratch Banner

(12) Glitter Cutouts: (Pumpkins, Bats, and Ghosts)

(1) Bend-N-Twist Party Game

(8) Activity Placemats with Stickers  

(6) Hey Boo Kits: 6 "You have been BOOed signs", 6 "We have been BOOed" signs, 6 BOOed Directions, and 6 Black BOOed treat boxes. 

Party Tricks and Tips: Halloween Scavenger Hunt, Themed Recipes, and LunchBox Jokes