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Wizard Hot Chocolate Bombs

Wizard Hot Chocolate Bombs

Posted by Lindsay Kent on Nov 20th 2020

If you’re not ready to jump into decorating a detailed hot chocolate bomb like the ones in the picture, that’s okay! Here is a simpler Hot Chocolate Bomb recipe that will impress any young wizard!


Round Silicone Mold


Metal spoon

Small glass or ceramic plate


Chocolate - your favorite! Chocolate chips work great!

Hot Cocoa Mix - again, choose your favorite kind

Mini Marshmallows (Lucky Charms… they can be found by the other marshmallows).

Sprinkles (something with stars or… Michael’s sells lightning bolts sprinkles!)


1. Melt chocolate

2. Place about 1 heaping tablespoon of chocolate in each half of the mold

3. Spread the chocolate up the sides of the mold with the spatula, leaving no bare spots

4. Let chocolate cool for a couple minutes; add a second layer of chocolate

5. Chill for 30 minutes until chocolate is fully set

6. Remove shells from the mold by gently pulling on the sides of the mold

7. Microwave a plate for about 60 seconds (make it nice and warm, but not too hot to touch)

8. Take one shell and place it on the warm plate for a few seconds, open side down. This will melt the chocolate to make a flat and even edge.

9. Fill that half with cocoa mix and marshmallows (only use the moon and star marshmallows from the Lucky Charm Marshmallow set).

10. Melt the second half of the shell like in step 8.

11. Put both shells together - the slightly melted edges will help hold the two sides together

12. Warm a metal spoon to smooth the chocolate around the seam

13. Let the Hot Cocoa Bomb cool until it’s completely set

14. Drizzle more chocolate on top and sprinkle with wizard sprinkles

Like magic you are done and you’ll be “The Bomb” this holiday season! Order your Hot Chocolate Bomb box…